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Severe Weather Incident Management


Railmet Services is led by Paul Arnold - an established specialist in the field of transport operations severe weather incident management. Paul coordinated severe and seasonal weather mitigation plans for the rail network in Great Britain on a regional and national level for over a decade.

Prior to Railmet, Paul was the Professional Head of the GB Seasons Management Team; Deputy Chair of the Adhesion Working Group, a european rail industry collective established in 1992 to address low adhesion issues at the wheel / rail interface; and a Member of the National Task Force Operators Group, uniting national rail Operations, Safety, & Performance Directors. Paul has detailed rail infrastructure knowledge of over 30 countries within europe, and has delivered presentations in Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and Hungary.

Paul has designed and delivered 10 national rail industry conferences to a total delegation of over 2,000 including suppliers, forecasters, governmental organisations, and front line operational staff. He created an industry dedicated national weather forecasting web site that became an embedded process utilised by over 70,000 personnel in more than 30 rail companies. In more recent years, he has liaised pro actively with media representatives to ensure positive and accurate dialogue is communicated to customers in times of severe weather disruption. This work has resulted in published articles (replicated below) in Rail, Railways Illustrated, and Railnews leading GB rail industry publications.