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Severe Weather Incident Management


Railmet Services can provide remote teams dedicated to initial root cause identification when sub optimal safety and performance targets are experienced.

This first step in clarifying the relationship between external forces such as severe weather events and the resultant impact on the operational integrity of the railway paves the way for creation of a bespoke suite of mitigation products and processes.

Resultant Corporate knowledge of this Cause & Effect process will enable Control, Operations and Maintenance personnel to subsequently recognise areas of emerging risk and deploy appropriate proactive measures in order to minimise the safety and performance impact during seasonal and severe weather conditions.

The adoption of techniques briefly described above has proven to contribute positively to the Corporate reputation and has also created enhanced relationships with its customers.


Railmet Services specialises in providing a range of independent consultancy tailored for the benefit of train operating companies, infrastructure maintainers, and supplier organisations alike.

Operational root cause analysis
Development of an initial problem statement concerning low adhesion and associated delays during autumnal conditions.

Safety & performance analysis
Identification of emerging trends utilising GIS mapping techniques and multi layered analysis tools.

Seasonal workshops and reviews
Design and delivery of autumn and winter workshops, plus review compilation and appropriate recommendations.

Severe weather incident management
Guidance and control during severe weather events, with specific focus on forecast risk, operational response, and customer information.

Corporate conference production
Organisation and hosting of company conferences, can include individual speech and presentation delivery.


Railmet Services embraces a wealth of subject matter experts from multiple disciplines across all rail systems.

Leaders in Control, Operations, Maintenance, Communications, Media, Innovation and Supply they have experienced and combatted seasonal conditions for over 15 years.

Railmet Services champions the transparent sharing of best practice, and welcomes enquiries to assist in the production of process documents, seasonal reviews, incident workshops, forecast tools and trackside mitigation supply.