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pirl-icon.png PIRL Guardian 4000 Series

The PIRL Guardian 4000 series is a powerful GSM/GPS safety phone designed for seniors, lone workers and emergency response teams. It combines the full functionality of the PIRL Active 2000 with the addition of an inbound SMS display, remotely configurable 20 number address book and four dedicated speed dial options.

  • Full PIRL Active 2000 series GPS functionality
  • Location transmission rate configurable to every one minute
  • Single SOS button email and text alert
  • Latitude & Longitude coordinates display
  • Inbound SMS display
  • Multi network roaming sim card
  • Twenty number address book
  • Four emergency speed dial options

The PIRL Guardian 4000 combined GPS and phone features make it a simple and complete solution for young or old alike. It is ideal for welfare support organisations and incident response personnel who can depend on the multi network sim card and remotely configured emergency contact address book.