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Severe Weather Incident Management

pirl-icon.png PIRL Global 10000 Series

The PIRL Global 10000 series utilises the highly successful Spot Gen 3 satellite tracker which delivers unlimited five minute location updates worldwide. This data is then rerouted through our PIRL Servers in London which enables users to benefit from the full range of PIRL bespoke services such as PIRL Archive, PIRL Respond, PIRL Messenger and PIRL Alert.

  • Direct satellite linkup - no cellular or data connections required.
  • Unlimited five minute location updates for 12 months.
  • 20 day battery life with user replaceable standard AA batteries.
  • In line USB mains power connection.
  • Contact button converts to bespoke function button within the PIRL Network.
  • Rugged design: comes complete with velcro band and carabinier.
  • Operating altitude: up to 6,500 meters (21,320 feet)
  • Operating temperature: from -30 degrees C to 60 degrees C
  • Waterproof rated IPX7: 1 metre for up to 30 minutes.

The PIRL Global 10000 series courtesy of the Spot Gen3 is the ultimate global tracking device. It is especially suited to remote locations such as mountains and deserts where traditional communication methods are unavailable. Rerouting the SPOT data through our PIRL Servers adds an important communications layer which enhances the flexibility of this excellent portable satellite device.