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pirl-icon.png PIRL Freight 8000 Series

The PIRL Freight 8000 series is a powerful waterproof GPS tracker designed for fixed asset tracking applications. It is powered by two user replaceable CR123A lithium batteries. Configuration allows it to wake up on a preset schedule to check if it needs to shift from dormant to active status and/or send update of its current location, then returning to a dormant state. Optimally configured, it will operate autonomously for 1000 days. Its built-in 3-axis accelerometer allows it to detect asset movement and transmit an alert message.

  • Waterproof - IPX7 compliant
  • Rapid and covert installation - no wires or external antennaes
  • Over 30 months standby at one data report per day
  • Over 8 months standby at four data reports per day
  • Powersave mode & continous mode (five minute reporting)
  • Five geo-fence regions
  • Wake up report
  • Low power & motion detection alarms

The PIRL Freight 8000 is designed for long term low frequency reporting. Its waterproof design coupled with an extended battery life is ideal for tracking freight across europe or providing peace of mind for valuable items in transit.