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Severe Weather Incident Management

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PIRL Systems

Specialists in the design and implementation of bespoke safety communication systems for lone workers, welfare support personnel, vehicle fleet management and general work force safety compliance.

PIRL Network

The Primary Incident Response Locator Network is a secure safety communications platform designed by PIRL Systems for global application in all domestic, leisure and corporate arenas.

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Severe Weather Incident Management Services

Increase your resilience to business disruption caused by severe weather incidents via an in house Railmet corporate weather management portal at PIRL Systems.

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Railmet Community

The Railmet Community currently consists of 94 organisations located in Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, USA and Australia.

pirl-icon.pngPIRL Systems - safety communication systems for global application in all domestic, leisure and corporate arenas.

From domestic safety and peace of mind for next of kin - to outdoor pursuits such as cycling, trekking, mountaineering, sailing or skiing.
From passive monitoring of valuable assets - to corporate responsibilities such as work force safety and vehicle fleet management.

PIRL Systems provides both hardware and software solutions to keep you connected via a single safety communications interface at all times.

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railmet-icon.pngRailmet Services - providing severe weather incident management tools to the global rail infrastructure sector.

Railmet specialises in evaluating how severe and seasonal weather incidents can affect the integrity of rail infrastructure systems around the globe.
We harness a range of client specific information via our unique seasonal dashboards to promote the creation of appropriate mitigation techniques.

We also provide infrastructure asset and audit compliance databases, contingency processes, operational practices and incident reports.

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